Ways to reach decision makers properly

September 2, 2022
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Reaching decision makers the right way is one of the key sales indicator

When I started my company, the process of reaching and effectively persuading decision makers was always different and it wasn’t always easy. Finding the right way to reach out to them is critical for any sales process.

I realized that the more time my team and I spent trying to reach decision makers, the less we had to make sales. We also noticed that decision makers were frequently guarded behind gatekeepers, SPAM email filters, and countless other obstacles. Therefore, I wanted to share the effective ways to reach decision makers in line with our experience at Port Group.

One of the most effective ways to reach decision makers is to be introduced by common connections. Common connections help you build rapport faster and give you a better chance to pitch your solution directly.

Another common and effective way to reach out to decision makers is to send a direct email that highlights your offering value. Email marketing could be your best option to reach the right prospect when it’s done correctly. The key to successful email marketing campaigns is nailing the introduction. Writing an introduction that is brief,personalized, and straight to the point could engage the decision maker immediately. Remember to emphasize why your solution is the best out there.

However, email marketing has some challenges. Sometimes it’s hard to find the prospect's personal email, so many people tend to target generic emails ( to pitch their solution. The problem with this approach is that it usually fails. Our team at does outsourced SDR services, and I’m not aware of any of our client’s appointments that stemmed from a generic email like that.

If you get stuck in this obstacle, try to build trust with gatekeepers and ask for an introduction. Otherwise, try to find and approach the decision maker on LinkedIn. Using social media can help you connect with potential prospects, establish a mutually beneficial relationship, and grow your business in the process.

Either you want to be introduced by a common connection, go for email marketing, or reach through social media. Bear in mind, the most important key is the message. Personalizing your pitch or the way you are introducing yourself and your company’s solution is what will make the difference. Don’t forget you are talking to a breathing human being, so instead of shooting a generic dull email, write something personalized and well-crafted to win your decision maker's trust.

"Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value."  
Albert Einstein

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Thomas Keller is a Business Development and Sales Support Professional in the field of MSPs, VARs, Channel Sales, and other B2B industries. He is the founder and CEO of Port group, a United States based company that provides outsourced business development and sales support services for SaaS, MSPs, international representation, BPOs, and other B2B industries. He made Port Group’s mission to help clients like you improve their business by providing better results, improved agility and cost efficiency.

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