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Top 3 email sequence tools to invest in

September 2, 2022
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Sales outreach implies having the proper tools to connect with potential clients

If you are searching for the best email sequence tools, I have a few recommendations  based on my experience. I’ve been on a bit of a journey with email sequence tools, and sure, there are free options in the market, but if you want to take your business to the next level, I would suggest you invest.

Email sequence software is an essential tool to reach out to cold prospects, convert leads into paying customers, and help your team automate the entire process. Beforehand, take some time to think about your needs since they will direct which tool fits better with your requirements. For example, some email sequence tools are best for nurturing existing sales leads into customers and some are better for cold outreach.

These softwares allow you to build cadences and send multi-step email campaigns to recipients, without sending your emails one at a time. Most email sequence tools are flexible and let you personalize your campaigns so you can send tailored and automated emails to each recipient. Investing in these tools will help increase engagement with your emails and get more clicks, replays, and results.

Surely, budget is an important factor to consider when you are starting a new business. I’ve been working the last few years with different softwares and I can share some of the best options I’ve seen in the market. If you have the budget for a more expensive tool, take a look at Salesloft or Outreach. If you are shopping for a less expensive monthly tool, then look at Apollo.

Salesloft is best for businesses who need a platform to help them move qualified leads through their pipeline. Besides creating email sequences to engage your sales leads, improve pipeline’s speed and have multi-channel touchpoints.

If your objective is to help your sales representatives speed up their workflow and improve efficiency when sending email sequences to prospects and customers, Outreach will be better suited for that. Lastly, if you want to build email sequences that engage your prospects and send tailored automated emails at a lower cost, then Apollo is your best option to invest in the market.

Just remember that no matter what email sequence software you end up choosing, the key to getting results is to build a qualified list of recipients you can target. Then, send these clients well-personalized emails that show how you can provide value to them.

“To keep a customer demands as much skill as to win one."
American Proverb

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Thomas Keller is a Business Development and Sales Support Professional in the field of MSPs, VARs, Channel Sales, and other B2B industries. He is the founder and CEO of Port group, a United States based company that provides outsourced business development and sales support services for SaaS, MSPs, international representation, BPOs, and other B2B industries. He made Port Group’s mission to help clients like you improve their business by providing better results, improved agility and cost efficiency.

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